Save Environment
Save Environment
Protection, Conservation and Development of Forests and Wildlife
ગુજરાત રાજ્યની વન સંપદા અને લોક કલ્યાણની પ્ર​વૃત્તિઓ
ગુજરાત રાજ્યની વન સંપદા અને લોક કલ્યાણની પ્ર​વૃત્તિઓ
  • Shri Vijaybhai R. Rupani

    Shri Vijaybhai R. Rupani Hon'ble Chief Minister,
    Govt. of Gujarat


  • Shri Ganpatbhai V. Vasava

    Shri Ganpatbhai V. Vasava Hon'ble Cabinet Minister,
    Govt. of Gujarat

  • Shri Shankarbhai Chaudhary

    Shri Shankarbhai Chaudhary Hon'ble State Minister, (Environment)
    Govt. of Gujarat

  • Shri Shabdasharan B. Tadvi

    Shri Shabdasharan B. Tadvi Hon'ble State Minister,
    Govt. of Gujarat

  • Shri Jayantibhai Savajibhai Rathava

    Shri Jayantibhai S. Rathava Parliamentary Secretary

  • Shri. Arvind Agrawal, IAS

    Shri. Arvind Agrawal, IAS
    Additional Chief Secretary

The Forests & Environment Department

The Forests & Environment Department forms the policy for the conservation of the forest, protection of the Wildlife and the Environment in the State of Gujarat. There are 4 National parks, 23 sanctuaries, 1 conservation reserve. Gujarat has only 11.04% of its geographical area declared as forest, which is much below the national average. Forest and tree cover is in the extent of 11.74 % (7.48 % forest cover and 4.26% tree cover outside forest-TOF) of its geographical area. The unique features of the state are the climatic and geomorphologic conditions viz the largest coastline in the country, the saline deserts of Rann , grasslands, wetlands. These factors have bestowed the state with the diversity of flora and fauna. The majestic Asiatic lion and wild ass have their last resorts of the world in Gujarat. The faunal biodiversity consists of 14% fishes, 18 % reptiles, 37% avifauna and 25% of the mammal populations of the country.

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